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An excellent use of Avios: British Airways Reward Flight Saver redemptions

Avios, the reward currency of the British Airways Executive Club programme, are easy to collect and redeem, even if you don't fly regularly with British Airways.

Unfortunately, redeeming premium cabins on long-haul flights booked through the Executive Club programme can incur significant fees, taxes and surcharges, making this currency seem less valuable.

However, Reward Flight Savers are a fantastic use of Avios as you pay less than €1 per flight in fees, taxes and surcharges. So this is as close as you can get to free flights.

Reward Flight Savers are available on all British Airways operated flights worldwide in all cabins except First Class.

Reward Flight Saver: the basics

Reward Flight Savers are calculated per flight segment and not per journey. So if you fly with British Airways from Berlin via London to Vienna, the reward price is based on the distance per segment. As you have a stopover in London, it may be more convenient and cheaper to book a paid ticket with another airline with a direct flight.

To be able to book Reward Flight Saver award flights, you must not only have the available Avios in your Executive Club account, but also have collected at least 1 Avios in the 12 months prior to booking. This also includes the transfer of points such as Membership Rewards.

Reward Flight Savers can be particularly valuable for last minute flights as their fixed prices keep costs down.

Reward Flight Saver awards are marked with a blue star and a banknote symbol above the flight number.

Reward Flight Saver for short haul flights

Reward Flight Savers are a particularly great offer for short-haul flights with British Airways to and from the UK and the Caribbean. You only need 50 cents per flight plus Avios for flights under 2,000 miles.

Distance flown per flight

Off-Peak Economy Class

Peak Economy Class

Off-Peak Business Class

Peak Business Class

0-650 Miles

9.250 Avios + 50 cents

9.750 Avios + 50 cents

15.000 Avios + 50 cents

16.250 Avios+ 50 cents

651-1.150 Miles

11.750 Avios + 50 cents

12.750 Avios + 50 cents

20.000 Avios + 50 cents

22.250 Avios + 50 cents

1.151-2.000 Miles

13.750 Avios + 50 cents

15.250 Avios + 50 cents

24.250 Avios + 50 cents

27.250 Avios + 50 cents

This is a great option if you have a large amount of Avios. Don't forget that free checked baggage is included with all Avios redemptions (even in Economy Class).

You can also adjust the proportion of the additional payment in favour of fewer Avios, just as you wish. To get the best redemption value for your Avios, it's best to choose the option of 23 euros in Economy Class or 30 euros in Business Class on short-haul flights.

Reward Flight Saver for long haul flights

With the standard Avios prices for long-haul flights with British Airways, you can fly Business Class from Europe to the US for just 50,000 Avios each way. There's just one catch: there are very high fuel surcharges levied by the airlines.

If you opt for the Reward Flight Saver option instead, you'll pay more Avios in exchange for the surcharges being reduced to a more favourable level, around €100-150 for a return trip in Economy between London and the East Coast, around €300 in Premium Economy and between €350 and €450 for a return trip in Business Class.

Whether you want to spend more money or more Avios is up to you.

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