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Amex Centurion now available in Belgium and Luxemburg. By invitation only.

Concierge service, exclusive events, ultra-reactive assistance everywhere on the planet but also a social marker: the most powerful credit card in this world, the Amex Centurion, is now available in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Magic pass transforming the impossible into possible, symbol of ultimate luxury, the American Express Centurion, also called Black Card, is not within everyone's reach.

6000€ the first year, then 3000€ per year

It is American Express that selects among its Platinum customers those who will be eligible for the Centurion. Once invited, the client will have to pay 3000 euros in access fees and donate 3000 euros per year according to Wikipedia. Once this small operation has been carried out, the customer will receive his black titanium card to make his purchases and will have access to a range of exclusive services and events.

Now available in Belgium and Luxembourg, by invitation only.

Some Belgian and Luxembourg Amex Platinum members have received an email from Amex inviting them to express their possible interest in the Black Card. Quite surprisingly, I am also one of the "lucky ones", without really understanding why, my level of expenditure with my Plat being very far from the standards announced for obtaining a Centurion.

For lack of sufficient information on the conditions of access (annual fee) and the advantages, I have decided not to show interest in the Black Card for the moment. But who knows in a few months...

The Amex Platinum offers many of the same perks

If you don't get an invite for the American Express black card, don't fret. Many of the benefits it offers are available on the Amex Platinum. Main reason why I am not tempted for the moment by the Black Card experience.

To be continued.

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